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30 minutes - $40  |  60 minutes - $70  |  90 minutes - $100

Package Rates: Buy 4 massages and get the 5th massage free!
30 minute package - $160  |  60 minute package - $280  |  90 minute package - $400


Swedish Massage

Allow the stress and tension of the day melt away with a full body massage. Long, fluid techniques and light to medium pressure allows for better circulation, flushing of toxins, and calming of the mind. This is the perfect session if you have never received a massage before.

Deep Tissue

If you are experiencing pain and discomfort and are in need of more therapeutic work, Deep Tissue Massage may be the best treatment for you. Deeper pressure and attention to tense muscles can help relieve stress in the body; including headaches, aches and pains, tingling or numbness, etc.


Prenatal massage is recommended for women who are in their second or third trimester of pregnancy.  Prenatal massage is not recommended for women with certain complications during pregnancy.  However, this is a wonderfully relaxing service for mom and baby, and can help increase circulation, reduce stress and tension in a deserving mother's body.  We position mothers-to-be either lying on their side with a comfy full body pillows and/or lying face up on an incline for maximum comfort and support. Doctor's approval is required for a prenatal massage. Click here to learn about the benefits of prenatal massage, courtesy of The American Pregnancy Association.


Reiki translates to "life force energy." Science tells us that all matter is essentially energy and vibration. In our body we have energy centers, or vortexes, that are affected by our physical, mental, and emotional states. Reiki helps to balance these centers, thereby creating synergy of the body, mind, and spirit. A Reiki session entails a therapist placing their hands on these energy centers and allowing the energy to be transmitted through their hands.

Reiki is not massage, however the benefits can be as powerful, if not more so than a massage. A customized aromatherapy blend is also used to enhance the Reiki session. During a Reiki treatment, one may experience a sense of heat or vibration in the body, and well as lightness or heaviness. However, no two Reiki sessions are alike, so receive with an open heart and mind.

Couples Massage

Relax and renew with side-by-side massages.  Each client may request the style of massage that best suits their needs. Price is per person.